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Refined Aesthetic Periodontics
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Aesthetic Procedures


If you have a “gummy” smile because you have too much gum tissue showing when you smile, causing your teeth to look too small, or a “crooked” smile because you gum line is uneven, you can benefit from aesthetic smile enhancement. 

This procedure, often referred to as aesthetic crown lengthening, involves reshaping the gum and bone tissue to expose more of the natural tooth, or “lengthen” it. 

The procedure can be performed for a single tooth to even the gum line, or for several teeth to improve the appearance of the entire smile.



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Although gum recession can be caused by a variety of reasons, including gum disease, grinding or clenching, and poorly positioned teeth, the most common cause is aggressive tooth brushing.  As gums recede, exposing the roots, the teeth appear too long and misshapen.  The exposed roots become vulnerable to root decay and sensitivity to hot and cold.

Aesthetic tissue grafts involve adding soft tissue to reinforce thin gums, or repair the defect caused by gum recession.

Covering the roots that make the teeth look too long will improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile. This procedure will also help to prevent additional recession and bone loss; solve the problem of root sensitivity to hot and cold and protect the roots from decay.

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